outdoor living

Outdoor Living

The terrace or garden has become more and more an extension of the residence home. “Indoor Cocooning” or “Outdoor Living”. Back to nature with the luxury of feeling you are indoors. Thanks to the roof construction, you can enjoy optimal sun control, or enough shadow for comfortable ventilation, on hot sunny days it seems as if your terrace is equipped with free air-conditioning.

You can enjoy the ultimate quality time at home, either with a glass of wine and a good book, or with a fabulous dinner with your family or perhaps a cosy barbecue with friends.

This is your moment.

The BRUSTOR Outdoor Living family perfectly matches the newest Outdoor trend. Mounted as a lean-to, stand-alone or couple multiple systems together you can cover every situation and thanks to the options such as heating and LED lighting, it provides a comfortable outdoor living space which extends your summer beyond autumn and spring.

To see the different types of structures and possible choices we can offer click here and enjoy the inspiration.

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